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Dawn Ealy, Peak Cadence Founder

Transform chaos into




Leaders and business owners:

  • Do you feel like you have a successful business, yet the chaos of daily operations is getting in the way of serving your customers?

  • Do you have dreams of taking your business to the next level, but you can't get past today's to-do list (if you can even find it)?

  • What about those strategic initiatives waiting in the wings that you'll work on "some day" - wouldn't it be great to implement them?

At Peak Cadence, we design systems that transform chaos into CONFIDENCE.


CONFIDENCE that your business is running smoothly and the details are handled.


CONFIDENCE that you can find what you need, when you need it.


CONFIDENCE that you as a leader or owner are focused on the the most value-added work.


The more you systemize your business, the smoother it will run, leaving you time to focus on mission-critical work. We design systems for all areas of operations such as managing tasks and processes, storing documentation,   coordinating training and onboarding, and mapping the people in your organization to your workflow. 


When you use professional facilitation for strategic planning and other high-stakes meetings, you increase confidence in the outcome of the meeting. You have confidence that your team is aligned and focused. You have confidence that everyone's time in the meeting is well spent. We work with you to plan and facilitate sessions that maximize results while engaging the entire team.


Part of systemizing your business includes delegating tasks to your team so you can focus on leading the business. Your team may need to fill gaps in their skills to do this successfully. We partner with Your Clear Next Step to provide training in project management, meeting facilitation, process improvement and organizational change management to help your team become even better.


I'm Dawn Ealy, Founder of Peak Cadence

I love working with leaders of growing organizations to transform chaos into confidence.  I have the unique ability to take the most chaotic parts of your business, throw all of the bits and pieces out "on the table", and map them into optimized systems that work specifically for you. I also document the systems and train your team to use them. Throughout the process I maintain my sense of humor and communicate in way that works well for both of us. 

Learn more via my LinkedIn profile:

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Dawn Ealy - Peak Cadence Founder


"Dawn possesses the keen ability to listen and truly seeks to understand both my short and longer-term needs. She then helps turn my needs into well researched, practical solutions that have allowed me to run my business with better insights, efficiencies, and confidence. These evolutions in my operations have allowed me to truly focus on the work I love, spending time creating greater impacts for my customers, clients, and partners."

Dr. Candace Raskin

Professor Emerita, CFR Equity Founder
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